Hola! traveller and welcome to my blog, I’m so glad to have you here and It would be great to have a sign of your visit – just to know where are you from and to know if my articles gave you the answers you needed!!!

I don’t know how or why our stories are intertwining and I don’t even know how you manage to get here but – before bothering you with other thousands of words – I’d love to thank you for reading this, for showing interest in my project and in my trips.

I would also have loved to start this speech with my name – you know, say your name it’s considered one of the most important things in a proper presentation – but it’s not that easy.
So… my name is Dànila, you should think that my name isn’t that weird but it’s just because you don’t know that I’m not used to put any accents on my name – neither my mum or dad have ever put that accents and also my official ID or Passport don’t have any. So if you really want to know the right pronunciation of my name you should watch the first seconds of this vlog – i’ll do next ones with eng subtitles! I swear.

I was born in Italy in 1992 and after a ordinary life made of study, graduations (I have a degree in Economy and Culture of Food and a master on Food Diseases Treatment), a lot of trips and very normal routine, last November I decided to start to a new life and that’s why I’m currently living in Australia.

I started this blog three years ago in 2014 when, after a trip in the USA, I realized I really needed a place where to write about my trips with no rules or expectations. Now, 1000 days later, my blog is a collection of tips, anecdotes and adventures with the main aim of helping people to organize their trips.

Wannabeaglobetrotter.it was born as an Italian blog but after several years of Italian articles and some months of expat life I wanted to challenge myself with english writing, so here we are. Of course you will find some mistakes in my articles – sorry about that – but I swear I’ll do better and better and better to make everything look professional and well organized.

In the last three years this blog gave me so many great opportunities: I’ve worked with Tourism Offices and International accommodation facilities, I took part in tourism event where I could meet the biggest professionals of this area; the blog allowed me to meet people that I can now call friends but, first of all, MY BLOG HELPED OTHER TRAVELERS TO ORGANIZE THEIR TRIPS and, I swear, there’s nothing better then their thanks mail! Helping other is the biggest satisfaction this blog is giving me.


So, if you want to work with me you should have a look to wannabeaglobetrotter.it media kit just to understand what i can do for you and how we can work together. Of course for any other questions don’t esitate to send me a mail, I’ll be happy to answer.

Last but not least, you can find me also on: